• Behind The Scenes,  Video

    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard – S2E4 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Nadine Garner #Shakespeare #WebSeries

    Step behind the scenes of Episode Four, Season Two to see how we put together the episode and get a taste of the fun and games of making an independent web series. In this video, we see how seriously Nadine takes making her fake whiskey for the ep, how we worked with the transformation of Nadine into a man, then into a woman again on set and the usual fun and games that go on among our cast and crew. Featuring Nadine Garner (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Cam Green, Billy Smedley, Tim McCormick, Shane Savage and Perri Cummings. Filmed at The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne by Billy Smedley,…

  • Behind The Scenes,  Video

    VIDEO: Cast Interviews: Shakespeare In Three Words

    We asked the ensemble of Shakespeare Republic to describe what Shakespeare means to them in three words. Their answers were honest, inspiring and surprising – and all different. So what does Shakespeare mean to you?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. To ensure you don’t miss anything, feel free to sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Youtube channel. Shakespeare Republic … all the world’s a stage!

  • Fun Facts,  Video

    VIDEO: The Bardolator: Who Was Shakespeare? (in under two minutes)

    Today we bring you a quick, fun look at who Shakespeare was and how we ended up with his works, courtesy of our fun facts segment, “The Bardolator”. Animated and voiced by Shakespeare Republic Director, Sally McLean (created for a competition over a decade ago from that organisation’s script of Shakespeare “facts” that had to be used in the video), here’s a potted history of Who Was Shakespeare? (in under two minutes). We will be bringing you more videos from the team in the next few weeks, but right now rehearsals are underway for our first four episodes and it is creative madness!  In the meantime, we couldn’t resist sharing…

  • Behind The Scenes,  Video

    VIDEO: Cast Interviews: What Was Your First Encounter With Shakespeare?

    We sat down with the ensemble of Shakespeare Republic to hear their responses to the question: “What was your first encounter with Shakespeare?”.  Their answers range from the insightful to the surprising with a few laughs thrown in for good measure, which we think many will relate to. And it got us thinking – how did you first encounter Shakespeare?  How did you feel about that encounter?  What were your first impressions?  Did that change?  We’d love to hear from you about how you first met the Bard, so feel free to leave your comments below to become part of the conversation and share your story of your first Shakespeare encounter. To…

  • Behind The Scenes,  Video

    VIDEO: Behind The Scenes: What Is Shakespeare Republic?

    When Shakespeare Republic Director, Sally McLean, first floated the idea of putting together a series that explored Shakespeare from an actor’s perspective through performance, with a few yet-to-be-revealed twists, little did she know that a few short months later she would be laughing herself silly on the banks of the Yarra with friends and fellow collaborators, Michala Banas, Alan Fletcher, Rowena Hutson, Billy Smedley and Ben Steel, plus getting to work again with friend and Director of Photography for her earlier films, Yanni Dellaportas.  And if she had known, she would have thought of the idea a LOT sooner! Luckily we thought to bring a few cameras along on the day…