• Sally McLean works with HFAS Full Time grad, Cameron Duncan in 2018 as resident Shakespeare teacher at Howard Fine Acting Studios Australia.
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    NEW DATES: Playing The Bard: Shakespeare In Performance returns to Howard Fine Acting Studio!

    “Playing The Bard” will now be running at Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia from Tuesday May 21 until June 25, and we’re excited to get back into the work! Shakespeare Republic Creator/Director, Sally McLean is bringing back her own unique take on the Bard and the technique she uses when working with her award-winning Republic cast, for another six week course that will help actors truly make Shakespeare’s words their own! “Sally’s knowledge of Elizabethan times as well as Shakespeare’s works was out of this world.” HEATHER ALLARDYCE (Actor) This six week course will enable actors to delve deep into Shakespeare’s text, create place and embody character, bringing Shakespeare’s words truly to…

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    “Playing The Bard” returns to Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia in September #Shakespeare #class #teaching

    We are so delighted to announce that Republic Creator/Director, Sally McLean will be returning to Howard Fine Acting Studios Australia with her popular course “Playing The Bard: Shakespeare In Performance” from Wednesday, September 12th! Sally first taught this new course in April/May this year with a fabulous class of 12 students, teaching at the Howard Fine Studio in North Melbourne. Find out more about Sally and her relationship to Shakespeare in this interview by Catherine Hallam at the Howard Fine Acting Studio Australia website: https://www.howardfinestudio.com.au/blog/2018/4/16/talking-shakespeare-with-sally-mclean In this next round of class, Sally will take up to 12 students through the world of Shakespeare and his texts, working on both scenes…