• Behind The Scenes,  Project Updates

    Ben Steel in shirt and tie with a webcam … Day 4 is complete!

    Before I write anything else, I’d like to say: Happy Birthday Juliet!  Juliet’s birthday is one of the few exact birth dates Shakespeare gave us in the text of his works. According to his play Romeo & Juliet, she was born on “Lammas Eve at night” (August 1), so her birthday in Shakespeare’s play is July 31st … which is today! Day four of filming was actually our first night shoot of the season, filming the wonderful Ben Steel as he wrangled a laptop and webcam for his episode of Shakespeare Republic.  Of course, I had the bright idea of trying to catch the dying light through the windows in the opening…

  • Behind The Scenes,  Video

    VIDEO: Behind The Scenes: How To Clear A Set In 15 Mins, or That’s A Wrap For Ep 3!

    Today we bring you a fun short clip from our most recent shoot at The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne, featuring Director, Sally McLean, Director of Photography, James Dene, Sound Recordist, Tim McCormick and Ensemble member, Billy Smedley – showing how team work can clear a set in 15 minutes – shown in under 1 minute, due to the wonder of time lapse photography. Enjoy! Camera: Sally McLean Music: Kevin MacLeod Featuring: Billy Smedley, Sally McLean, James Dene & Tim McCormick With thanks to: The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne (http://www.courthouseonerrol.com.au)

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    Updates: Billy Smedley in a Red Room, wearing a suit with a silver tea service … 50 Shades of Shakespeare, anyone?*

    *DISCLAIMER: Sorry guys, the scene Billy shot yesterday has nothing to do with that other Red Room stuff … we just thought it was funny that he was in a suit in a Red Room with expensive silverware – completely by accident … but we’re not entirely convinced that Shakespeare is ready for that other kind of treatment … yet 😉 It was with great anticipation that we headed off yesterday morning to the north side of town to shoot our third episode for Shakespeare Republic, this time featuring Republic member, Billy Smedley in a suit, a red room and my rather leaky silver service (nothing that some gaffer tape couldn’t fix…

  • Behind The Scenes,  Project Updates

    Updates: Rowena Hutson, five crew and a rubber duck … it must be our second day of filming!

    As a rather chilly and very blustery Queen’s birthday Monday dawned, it found myself and several members of our extended Republic making our way down to the Mornington Peninsula for the second day of shooting. In a very beautiful bathroom, kindly provided by long time friend, Samantha Brown (we were around 5 years old when we first met. Who knew back then that one day I’d be filming Shakespeare in her bathroom!?), our crew gathered around to film Shakespeare Republic ensemble member Rowena Hutson – and a rubber duck.  As you can see, a bath was involved, so that does somewhat explain the rubber duck – but you’ll have to wait until the episode…