• Behind The Scenes,  Video

    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard – S2E3 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Christopher Kirby #Shakespeare #WebSeries

    Step behind the scenes of Episode Three, Season Two to see how we put together the episode and get a taste of the fun and games of making an independent web series. Featuring Christopher Kirby, Faran Martin and Vuyo Loko (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Cam Green, Billy Smedley, Abramo Peghini, Paulie King, Marg Woodlock-McLean, Taylah McLean and all our fabulous Additional Artists: Katrina Climie, Lyonel Draper, Robert Jackson, Pankaj Kashyap, Stephen Moore, Daniel Oakley, Jordanka Petkoff, Pauline Sherry, Vivian Smedley and Stephen Wyley. Filmed at St Catherine’s School, Toorak by Billy Smedley, Sally McLean and Taylah McLean.

  • Project Updates,  Team

    Cast Announcement: Shakespeare Republic welcomes new cast member – Christopher Kirby!

    We are thrilled to welcome new Republic Member and our first American cast member: Christopher Kirby! Meet Chris … Chris is probably best known for his roles in numerous blockbuster films such as Daybreakers, Predestination, the Matrix sequels, Iron Sky, Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith and many more. Chris began his career in his native USA before moving to Australia in the late 1990’s.  US television roles include the series Quantum Leap, Space: Above and Beyond, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Lost World, BeastMaster, The Burning Zone, Nightmares & Dreamscapes and The Starter Wife, as well as the television special Blockheads for HBO. Australian credits include Marshall Law, Neighbours, Ocean Girl, Flipper and The Games. Chris’…