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    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard – S2E3 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Christopher Kirby #Shakespeare #WebSeries

    Step behind the scenes of Episode Three, Season Two to see how we put together the episode and get a taste of the fun and games of making an independent web series. Featuring Christopher Kirby, Faran Martin and Vuyo Loko (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Cam Green, Billy Smedley, Abramo Peghini, Paulie King, Marg Woodlock-McLean, Taylah McLean and all our fabulous Additional Artists: Katrina Climie, Lyonel Draper, Robert Jackson, Pankaj Kashyap, Stephen Moore, Daniel Oakley, Jordanka Petkoff, Pauline Sherry, Vivian Smedley and Stephen Wyley. Filmed at St Catherine’s School, Toorak by Billy Smedley, Sally McLean and Taylah McLean.

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    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard – S2E2 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Falon Ryan #Shakespeare #WebSeries

    Step behind the scenes of Episode Two, Season Two to see how we put together the episode and get a taste of the fun and games of making an independent web series. Things covered this week include the importance we place on sound during filming, as well as the usual shenanigans our cast and crew get up to.   Huge thanks to St Catherine’s School, Toorak where this was filmed for their amazing support and for making it possible for us to film in their wonderful venue. Featuring Falon Ryan (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Bashir Towdiee, Billy Smedley, Tim McCormick, Shane Savage, Marg Woodlock-McLean, Taylah McLean Filmed at St…

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    Shakespeare In Prison – showing how the Bard can change lives

    The debate around whether Shakespeare is still relevant continues.  But while the discussion could easily be all academic, the real proof is in taking the Bard off the page and bringing him back to the people – all the people – in performance.  And not just as audience, but as participants. Which brings us to the point of today’s Discussion blog post.  While browsing Facebook last week, the video below popped up on my feed (thank you Facebook algorithm), which was fascinating and showed just how useful Shakespeare can be to us humans still – but only if we get to perform his works, rather than just see them, or…

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    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard – S2E1 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Stephen Costan #Shakespeare #WebSeries

    Step behind the scenes of Episode One, Season Two to see how we put together the episode and get a taste of the fun and games of making an independent web series. Here we show you how to build a feast in an Elizabethan-style hall with a despot and his two security guards – on a very limited budget!  Huge thanks to Lord Somers Camp, where this was filmed for their amazing support and for making it possible for us to film in their wonderful venue. Featuring Stephen Costan (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Bashir Towdiee, Billy Smedley, Abramo Peghini, Marg Woodlock-McLean, Phoebe Anne Taylor. Filmed at Lord Somers…

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    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard Launch Party & Live Show Video! #Shakespeare #Theatre #Webseries

    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two) has officially launched with a difference this year, with a live show element complementing the web series aspect. For one night only, members of our Season Two cast performed Shakespeare monologues live as part of a promenade theatre style show to promote the new season of the web series.  We played to a sold out house, and had a lot of fun playing the works to a live audience.  While it was hard to capture the true atmosphere of the evening on video, due to the nature of the live show setting, our intrepid cameraman, Paul Anthony Nelson, did an amazing job of getting around…

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    Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard Official Trailer is here!

    We’ve launched and our official trailer is now live on the interwebs! After a fantastic launch party and our first live performance of the work last Sunday, we can now reveal to the wide world our official trailer for Season Two! We had a fantastic event where this trailer was screened to our full house of guests in attendance and now, here it is for everyone to enjoy. More news coming soon, plus a video from our Launch event! Speak anon …

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    Welcome to our new Production Partner: Mr Moto! #SpotTheScreen #Shakespeare #LiveShow #LoveTheBard

    We are so delighted to be able to officially welcome to the Republic team, our latest Production Partner – Mr Moto! The leading Melbourne Arts marketing distribution company, Mr Moto is primarily known for the distribution of printed postcards, posters and flyers around Melbourne theatres, cafes and tourist information points.  But in recent years the company has branched out to the digital world and is now also responsible for over 70 digital screens around town, promoting a variety of theatre, music and live performance events. Mr Moto have been a core part of the Melbourne Arts scene promotional efforts since their founding in 1985 and we are so thrilled and grateful…

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    First Shakespeare Republic Season Two Teaser has dropped! #Shakespeare #WebSeries #LoveTheBard

    We are so excited to finally be able to share with you the first teaser for Season Two!  We are so proud of this season and all the work everyone put into it, so we hope you enjoy! Huge thanks to Shaun Herbertson (Cinematographer) for his excellent work colour grading and Tim McCormick (Sound) for doing his additional job of Sound Design so beautifully.  And another huge thanks and a “Welcome to the team!” to Jordan Ross, who composed and performed the atmospheric music.  So grateful to all the post-production team for their brilliant work and fantastic attitude.  They all make my additional job as Editor, so much easier and…

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    Bard-Raising – Shakespeare Republic is Crowdfunding! And we have a new video!

    Join Republic members Alan Fletcher, Sally McLean and Billy Smedley as they take you through the current crowdfunding campaign for Shakespeare Republic as only they can. Yes, it’s time for some “Bard-Raising”!! (with thanks to our brilliant Sound Recordist, Tim McCormick for the title of this vid). Hear what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how you can help! Or you can just skip it entirely and head straight to our campaign’s donation page at the Australian Cultural Fund and make your donation … your choice 😉 australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/shakespeare-republic-live/ Please note: no cast members were harmed during the making of this film, despite appearances to the contrary. We’re still not…

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    “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?” … the making of Episode Six – Sally McLean as Billie (Sonnet 18)

    Join us for a peek behind the curtain as we show you some behind the scenes fun and games from Sally McLean’s episode for Season One of Shakespeare Republic. Choreographed production conversations (seriously, Sally and Shaun were seriously in synch a few times – they nearly do accidental jazz hands.  No, really!), the joys of filming outdoors in 25 kph winds and the bittersweet feeling knowing this is the last Shakespeare Republic episode for the moment – all this and more in this behind the scenes look at what goes on off camera and off script. Behind The Scenes Director of Photography: Billy Smedley Featuring: Shaun Herbertson, Billy Smedley, Sally McLean, Tim McCormick…