About Season Two

Shakespeare Republic is made up of three seasons, totalling 43 episodes to date, covering a wide range of Shakespeare’s characters – all set in the 21st Century, using Shakespeare’s original text. To find out more about the cast, crew and our overall philosophy, check out our About page.

From Viola as inner-Melbourne hipster to Jaques as a melancholic barfly to Katherina as an ambitious politician’s wife to Henry V as a member of a laser strike team – and everything in-between – welcome to Shakespeare Republic Season Two!

Starring Michala Banas, Stephen Costan, Alan Fletcher, Nadine Garner, Dean Haglund, Christopher Kirby, Sally McLean, Tariro Mavondo, Wahibe Moussa, Falon Ryan, Shane Savage, Billy Smedley and Phoebe Anne Taylor, this multi award-winning second season of the work can be seen in full for free on YouTube.