About Season Three

Shakespeare Republic is made up of three seasons, totalling 43 episodes to date, covering a wide range of Shakespeare’s characters – all set in the 21st Century, using Shakespeare’s original text. To find out more about the cast, crew and our overall philosophy, check out our About page.

Filmed in lockdown during the global pandemic of 2020 …
Twenty four souls, six cities – one shared experience of being human.
This new season of the work turns the lens on Shakespeare’s characters living through COVID-19, featuring actors from Australia and around the world. Reflecting a plethora of experiences in lockdown, including mental health issues, death of a loved one, Zoom dating and more, we train a lens on the shared human experience that connects us, despite our physical separation – using Shakespeare’s characters and original text.

Welcome to Shakespeare Republic Season Three!

Starring Leo Atkin, Dominic Brewer, Don Bridges, Maya Cohen, Frank Collison, Tim Constantine, Mark Dickinson, Danielle Farrow, Laura Gardner, Jodi Haigh, Philip Hayden, Justin Hosking, Christopher Kirby, Emma Kniebe, Jessica Martin, Sally McLean, Mark McMinn, Robert Myles, Yolanda Ovide, Sarah Peachey, Miguel Perez, Sass Pinci, Phoebe Anne Taylor and Caris Vujcec, this award-winning third season of the work can be seen in full for free at AllTheWebsAStage.com: