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Shakespeare Republic Season Three is announced as Most Awarded Anthology series in the world!

We are SO THRILLED to share that Shakespeare Republic was announced overnight as the 6th most awarded web series of 2021 in the world, putting us in the Top 10 web series globally, and the Most Awarded Anthology series on the international stage, as ranked by the Web Series World Cup!!! We are also the #2 web series in Australia, which is amazing!!

We are so grateful to all the festivals on the circuit who selected and awarded the show this year, who made this achievement possible. Huge thanks also to the Web Series World Cup, who tracked the 800+ series on the international circuit in 2021 to record these rankings – that is a MAMMOTH effort!!

The current season has enjoyed a dream run at festivals over 2021. Recent award highlights include winning Creator Amets for Sally McLean at Seriesland in Bilbao, Spain, Best Ensemble Cast (International Narrative) and Best Director (International Narrative) for Sally McLean from the NZ WebFest, Best Director Award For Web Series for Sally McLean from the Seoul WebFest in South Korea, Best Actor for Miguel Perez at the Montreal Digital WebFest, Best Low Budget at the Toronto WebFest and Best Dramatic Series at the Minnesota WebFest.

Special shout out to all our amazing Patreon Peeps and donors who enabled us to participate on the international festival circuit this year – as an independently funded, low-budget series we would not have been able to achieve this extraordinary thing without your tangible and hugely appreciated support.

And congratulations to the entire Republic team!! It is your talent, work ethic, enthusiasm and dedication to craft that gave this current season life and resulted in this success. To our 24-strong cast – thank you for jumping on board so willingly to lend your considerable talents to the series and facing and conquering every challenge during the creation of the season with such grace and aplomb. To our post-production team of Thanassi Panagiotaras & Tim McCormick, who worked tirelessly alongside Sally McLean as Editor – thank you for the hours of work in post, for lending your talents and skill so generously and for your good humour and professionalism. Big thanks to the fabulous Sass Pinci for composing, performing and recording the theme music for the season (as well as being in the cast) – you are an absolute star Sass and we are so grateful to you for lending your beautiful musical skills to the series, as well as your stunning acting talent.

Last, but not least, thank you to our team of co-producers – Billy Smedley, Christopher Kirby and Phoebe Anne Taylor for their unstinting support of Creator/Director, Sally McLean and their brilliant help in general. We keep saying it, but it takes a village and we are so blessed with the village that has formed around this series.

Our festival run continues for Season Three, but the section that qualified us for the WSWC is now complete. We are so grateful to everyone who contributed to this outcome – including everyone who tuned in to watch the show online (just over 100,000 views and counting!).

Up next – this weekend! – we are nominated for seven awards at the 2021 British Web Awards, including Best Director (Sally McLean), Best Ensemble Cast and Best Drama. Later in the month, we are participating in the Digital Media Fest in Rome, Italy, so it is still all go around here!

But for now, we just want to take this moment to say that our hearts are full to overflowing and we are so grateful and so thrilled. Thank you Shakespeare for being the gift that keeps on giving and long live the Bard!

See the full season here: http://www.allthewebsastage.com