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Shakespeare Republic meets The Pepper Project … in New York! #video #chat #carisandsally #femaledirectors #womeninfilm

We will be continuing our written diary updates from our USA trip shortly, but today we wanted to share this fun, short video from our time in New York, where Republic creator/director, Sally McLean, managed to finally meet The Pepper Project creator/director, Caris Vujcec, after months of emailing and facebooking – and it was like they’d known each other for years!

This friendship that has sprung up from working in the digital sphere is testament to the wonderful collaborative nature of the web series world and the kind of support and appreciation so many of the creators on the circuit have for each other.  We’d like to thank Caris for her fantastic support for the Republic, for representing us at several film festivals when we couldn’t be there in person ourselves and wish her “Break a Leg” for her season understudying Uma Thurman in The Parisian Woman on Broadway. Caris is an awesome lady and actress and we are proud to have her as a friend of the Republic!

Next USA trip instalment coming soon …