Behind The Scenes,  Video

Henry V does laser strike – S2E6 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Billy Smedley #Shakespeare #WebSeries

Step behind the scenes of Episode Six, Season Two to see how we put together the episode. See how we turn the peaceful surrounds of Lord Somers Camp into a battleground, just how much effort we go to in pursuit of the perfect audio, meet lead actor, Billy Smedley’s actual laser strike team (they exist and their team name is awesome!), and see the difference between RED camera raw footage and the magic created after colour grading.

Featuring Billy Smedley, Jamie Hannah, Ethan Jackson, Amjinder Mann and Jahran Schansemma (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Bashir Towdiee, Tim McCormick, Marg Woodlock-McLean and Falon Ryan (Crew) and Ahren Morris, Jamie Hannah, Ethan Jackson and David Eliou (the actual laser strike team).

Filmed at Lord Somers Camp, Somers by Sally McLean and Falon Ryan.

Huge thanks to Laser Strike, Clan Wars, The Basin ( for their fantastic support!