Behind The Scenes,  Video

Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard – S2E1 Behind-The-Scenes featuring Stephen Costan #Shakespeare #WebSeries

Step behind the scenes of Episode One, Season Two to see how we put together the episode and get a taste of the fun and games of making an independent web series. Here we show you how to build a feast in an Elizabethan-style hall with a despot and his two security guards – on a very limited budget!  Huge thanks to Lord Somers Camp, where this was filmed for their amazing support and for making it possible for us to film in their wonderful venue.

Featuring Stephen Costan (Cast) with Sally McLean, Shaun Herbertson, Bashir Towdiee, Billy Smedley, Abramo Peghini, Marg Woodlock-McLean, Phoebe Anne Taylor.

Filmed at Lord Somers Camp, Somers by Billy Smedley and Sally McLean