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First Shakespeare Republic Season Two Teaser has dropped! #Shakespeare #WebSeries #LoveTheBard

We are so excited to finally be able to share with you the first teaser for Season Two!  We are so proud of this season and all the work everyone put into it, so we hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to Shaun Herbertson (Cinematographer) for his excellent work colour grading and Tim McCormick (Sound) for doing his additional job of Sound Design so beautifully.  And another huge thanks and a “Welcome to the team!” to Jordan Ross, who composed and performed the atmospheric music.  So grateful to all the post-production team for their brilliant work and fantastic attitude.  They all make my additional job as Editor, so much easier and I can’t speak highly enough about all of them.

The other thing you might notice in this teaser is that we have more people in front of the camera than just our main cast.  I would like to take this opportunity as Director to say a massive thank you to everyone who stepped up to be our additional artists, and so fully helped create the bigger world sense we were going for this season.  There are a lot of people to list who stepped in to help us in this way, but I want to list all of them here regardless.  Credit where credit is due, after all.

The list of 32 generous and lovely humans who helped us out in this way (some even had additional dialogue, all were fantastic) are (in alphabetical order):

Katrina Climie
Arielle Cottingham
Lyonel Draper
Meti Fenwick
Jamie Hannah
Evelyn Harawa Anderson
Ethan Jackson
Robert Jackson
Pankaj Kashyap
Rachael McCartney
Vuyo Loko
Taylah McLean
Faran Martin
Jessica Martin
Troy Malcolm
Amjinder Mann
Chiara Mavondo
Eva Mavondo
Monique Mavondo
Stephen Moore
Faro Musodza
Daniel Oakley
Sarah Penn
Jordanka Petkoff
Richard Sarell
Jahran Schansemma
Pauline Sherry
Vivian Smedley
Chris Sofotasios
Marisa Tunks
Tayla Wise
Steven Francis Wyley

You all rock and we are all very grateful for your support and loved having you on set with us!  Thank you one and all!

Thank you also to our esteemed Associate Producer and Executive Producer – Stephen Francis Wyley and Robina Bamforth – for helping make this happen in such a tangible way.  We couldn’t have done it without your help.

All our donors and backers (some of whom are listed above and appeared on screen with us) are hugely valued and we thank you all for your support and help.

Welcome to the Republic.  Enjoy this taste of the fruits of your labour and love.

Until our next update … speak anon …

Sally McLean
Shakespeare Republic
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia