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Bard-Raising – Shakespeare Republic is Crowdfunding! And we have a new video!

Join Republic members Alan Fletcher, Sally McLean and Billy Smedley as they take you through the current crowdfunding campaign for Shakespeare Republic as only they can. Yes, it’s time for some “Bard-Raising”!! (with thanks to our brilliant Sound Recordist, Tim McCormick for the title of this vid). Hear what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how you can help!

Or you can just skip it entirely and head straight to our campaign’s donation page at the Australian Cultural Fund and make your donation … your choice 😉

Please note: no cast members were harmed during the making of this film, despite appearances to the contrary. We’re still not entirely sure that Fletch didn’t cook a couple up and serve them to Sally, however. You’ll just have to watch the video to see what we mean 😉

Video Credits:

Written & Presented by: Sally McLean, Alan Fletcher & Billy Smedley
Director of Photography: Shaun Herbertson
Sound Recordist (and Stan Lee fan): Tim McCormick
Directed & Edited by: Sally McLean
Music by: Silent Partner
Filmed entirely on location in Melbourne, Victoria

Proudly sponsored by The Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne

Copyright © Incognita Enterprises 2016