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EPISODE: Shakespeare Republic S1 Ep5 – Michala Banas as Phebe

Think not I love him though I ask for him …

Meet Phebe, played by Michala Banas (Upper Middle Bogan, Nowhere Boys), as she gives us an uncomfortable insight into unrequited romantic obsession and the dangers of having access to modern communication devices when one too many alcoholic drinks have been imbibed.

“I will write to him a very taunting letter …”

Shakespeare Republic … all the world’s a stage …

Party Guests: Billy Smedley, Perri Cummings & Sally McLean
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sally McLean
Director of Photography: James Dene
Sound Recording, Editing & Design: Tim McCormick
Unit Manager: Marg Woodlock-McLean
Producers: Sally McLean, Perri Cummings & Billy Smedley

Filmed on location in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia