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EPISODE: Shakespeare Republic S1 Ep4 – Ben Steel as Juliet (Jules)

Episode 4 has landed, after a rather turbulent start to the week in Australian politics. We’re claiming we called it with Alan Fletcher’s episode in our first week, followed by Billy Smedley’s episode last week and thank Malcolm Turnbull and others in Canberra for watching!  (It’s the only way we can explain the uncanny timing of it all).  This week we move onto a new topic, featuring Ben Steel as “Jules” (Juliet) …

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?”

On the day traditionally celebrated in Verona as the birthday of one of their fair citizens who is thought to have inspired Shakespeare’s Juliet (from a novella by Luigi da Porto, Historia novellamente ritrovata di due nobili amanti (“Newly found story of two noble lovers”), written in 1530), meet our “Jules” played by Ben Steel (Home & Away, Winners & Losers) who gives us an insight into modern romance in a digital age.

“Deny thy father and refuse thy name.”

Shakespeare Republic … all the world’s a stage …

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Sally McLean
Director of Photography: Shaun Herbertson
Sound Recording, Edit & Design: Tim McCormick
Producers: Sally McLean, Perri Cummings & Billy Smedley

Filmed on location in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Tune in next week same time, same channel, to see Michala Banas and her take on another of Shakespeare’s feisty women – whiskey in hand!

Shakespeare Republic … all the world’s a stage …