Behind The Scenes,  Video

“Be bloody, bold and resolute” … the making of Episode One – Alan Fletcher as Macbeth

Join us in this video for a peek behind the curtain as we show you some behind the scenes fun and games from Alan Fletcher’s episode for Season One of Shakespeare Republic.

Crew quoting Shakespeare, our Director officially being named “Chief Govt. Whip” and Alan giving Will Shakespeare some heartfelt advice – all this and more in this tongue-in-cheek look at what goes on off camera and off script.

Director of Photography: Ben Steel
Featuring: Alan Fletcher, Sally McLean, Dan Evans, Tim McCormick, James Dene, Billy Smedley, Chris Farrell
Edited by: Sally McLean
Music by: Silent Partner
Produced by Sally McLean, Perri Cummings & Billy Smedley

Don’t forget to tune in this Wednesday to see Episode 2 of Shakespeare Republic, featuring Rowena Hutson … in a bath!

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