Behind The Scenes,  Video

VIDEO: Musing On The Bard: Michala Banas On Shakespeare

As part of our Musing On The Bard series, we sat down with each of our ensemble members to find out what their thoughts are on Shakespeare, the challenges they face when working with Shakespeare text and any other thoughts they might like to share with you and us as they embark on this journey into our new Republic.

Our next video in the series focuses on Republic member, Michala Banas, who shares her feelings on playing Shakespeare 400 years after he lived, the language and how she feels about taking on the Bard for the first time in her career.  Michala’s sense of humour is evident in this piece, as well as her commitment to the work – the perfect combination, in our opinion!

Side note: don’t forget if you’re in Melbourne at the moment, you can catch Michala live on stage as part of the cast of Melbourne Theatre Company’s (MTC) “Birdland” at the Sumner Theatre, Southbank.  Full details here: