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UPDATES: Welcome to Shakespeare Republic

PICTURED (L-R): Ben Steel, Michala Banas, Alan Fletcher, Rowena Hutson, Sally McLean and Billy Smedley.  Photo by Yanni Dellaportas.

And so it begins!  We are very happy to finally be speaking to you via the interwebs with our very first post here at Shakespeare Republic!  We are looking forward to bringing you our web series, where we get to explore Shakespeare in a myriad of different settings and circumstances, but in the meantime we’ll be sharing photos, discussion posts about various aspects of Shakespeare and tidbits from our Behind The Scenes footage.

We have begun the journey into the realms of Shakespeare and that infamous language, kicking off with a photo/interview session with all of our cast, filmed and photographed by the wonderful Yanni Dellaportas and Ben Steel, which we look forward to sharing more of with you in the coming weeks.

But first – to introduce the aforementioned cast.  With no further ado, here is the list of actors you will be seeing on the Shakespeare Republic series:

(in alphabetical order)

Michala Banas
Alan Fletcher
Rowena Hutson
Sally McLean
Billy Smedley
Ben Steel

To meet the cast and get a taste of what this is all about, check out our brand new teaser!

Shakespeare Republic will be directed by Sally McLean and produced by Sally McLean and Perri Cummings.  Rehearsals have already begun and we are very much looking forward to bringing you our flavour of Shakespeare!

For those wondering what on earth this will look like, well, you’ll just have to wait and see – but for those who are feeling a little concerned about how we are going about this, we can tell you that we are definitely using Shakespeare’s words in the work – there will be no modernizing of his language, because that would defeat the purpose, really.

If you haven’t already, drop in on our About page to find out more.  And check out our Photo Galleries.  And check out our Shakespeare Fun Facts.

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We look forward to bringing you more stuff in the coming weeks, but for now …

See you anon.

The Shakespeare Republic Team
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia