PICTURED (L-R): Season One Ensemble - Ben Steel, Michala Banas, Alan Fletcher, Rowena Hutson, Sally McLean and Billy Smedley. Photo by Yanni Dellaportas.

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” – William Shakespeare, As You Like It


Michala Banas as "Phebe"

Rowena Hutson as "Hamlet"

Ben Steel as "Juliet"

Alan Fletcher as "Macbeth"

Billy Smedley as "Hamlet"

Sally McLean as "Billie"



Sally McLean - Creator, Director, Producer, Editor
Billy Smedley - Executive Producer
Perri Cummings - Co-Producer
James Dene - Cinematographer
Shaun Herbertson - Cinematographer
Yanni Dellaportas - Cinematographer
Tim McCormick - Sound Recordist & Editor
Dan Evans - Lighting Director
Charlie Johnson - Behind The Scenes Camera
Marg Woodlock-McLean - Unit Manager