Republic members Christopher Kirby, Sally McLean and Billy Smedley with fellow attendees Adelaide Harding and Richard Grounds Jnr. on the St Kilda Film Festival red carpet on May 18 (Photo by Jim Lee)

“… the play’s the thing …” – William Shakespeare, Hamlet (Act II, Sc 2)


From The Katering Show to Fighting Isis: eight of the best Australian web series – July 2017
The Guardian’s list of the Top 8 Australian web series worth the watch, with Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two) at Number 3 (although TV & Film critic, Luke Buckmaster, who compiled the list did go to pains to point out that the series’ were listed in no particular order … 🙂 ).

Shakespeare Republic: breaking it down for Melbourne Web Fest – June 2017
Interview with Republic creator, Sally McLean for Scenestr Magazine about Shakespeare Republic and our official selection and Best Australian Drama nomination for Melbourne Web Fest

2017 Official Selection: Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (AUS) – June 2017
Interview with Republic creator, Sally McLean about the inspiration behind Shakespeare Republic, the challenges faced when making Season Two and thoughts on web series creation in general

Shakespeare Republic Series (Review) – June 2017
In-depth and very complimentary review of both Seasons of Shakespeare Republic from “Books By The Window” in the UK

Local talent shines at St Kilda Film Festival – May 2017
Round up of what’s on offer at St Kilda Film Festival this year, with a special mention for Shakespeare Republic as part of their “Australia’s Favourite Web Series” showcase (which has also been listed as Be Melbourne’s #1 session to attend!)

‘Speaking Daggers’, the new film by Shakespeare Republic – May 2017
Lovely review of our first film “Speaking Daggers” and article about the Shakespeare Republic web series from The Plus Ones

“Speaking Daggers” shows the best of Shakespeare – April 2017
Article about Shakespeare Republic‘s first film Speaking Daggers with short interview with creator/director, Sally McLean

Will social TV ever be a success? – February 2017
Interview with Tim Gibbon of Elemental Communications, Paul Telegdy of NBC Entertainment and Sally McLean in her role as Creator/Director of Shakespeare Republic about the success web series are having with disrupting traditional media outlets

BOOK, STAGE AND SCREEN – February 2017
In-depth interview with Director, Sally McLean and Executive Producer, Billy Smedley about Shakespeare Republic, Season Two

Shakespeare’s Republic – November 2016
Article in the Melbourne Observer about the Live Show Official Launch of Shakespeare Republic: #LoveTheBard (Season Two) at the Courthouse Hotel, North Melbourne

THE NEW CURRENT – August 2016
In-depth interview with Director, Sally McLean about Shakespeare Republic after the series’ Official Selection for the NightPiece International Film Festival at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland–shakespeare-republic

Interview with Director Sally McLean about Shakespeare Republic Season One and her obsession with Shakespeare.

In-depth interview with Director, Sally McLean, about Shakespeare Republic Season One and what the future holds for Shakespeare Republic in 2016.

KURIOSITAS.COM – October 25, 2015
A short review of Ben Steel’s episode of Shakespeare Republic by video review site in the UK.

NEIGHBOURS NEWS – TENPLAY – September 4, 2015
A short article and interview with photos from Neighbours about Alan Fletcher’s work in Shakespeare Republic. Thanks guys!

An article about Shakespeare being alive and well in Australia, with mentions of Bell Shakespeare and Shakespeare Republic, among others, from the blog of Sylvia Morris, former Librarian at the Shakespeare Centre Library in Stratford-upon-Avon (responsible for the RSC’s Archives), featured interviewee in the documentary Stealing Shakespeare and current member of the British Shakespeare Association, among many other fascinating Shakespeare-related things.

THE ACT OF STORYTELLING – September, 2015 
Lauren and Nick at The Act Of Storytelling gave us a lovely shout out and plug in September, for which we thank them very much!

(To hear the full podcast, go here).

SYN FM Interview – August 30, 2015
Have a listen to Artistic Director, Sally McLean, discuss the why, what and where of Shakespeare Republic on SYN FM (click on audio file below to stream)

(To hear the full podcast, go here).


We have been delighted and humbled by the fabulous feedback from different quarters about Season One and list some of those comments here for posterity and to acknowledge those who took the time to let us know how they felt about the work.

“… a sophisticated twenty-first century series with its own particularly Australian flavour.” – Sylvia Morris, The Shakespeare Blog, Stratford-upon-Avon (UK)

“Shakespeare Things To Do This Week #7 Watch Neighbours actor Alan Fletcher as Macbeth in this Shakespeare Republic video.” – Shakespeare Magazine (UK)

“This should be in EVERY classroom!” – KIN Collective (Australia)

“Loved it! Dynamic performance and thank you Shakespeare Republic for revitalising Shakespeare into contemporary society!” – Maree Shefford (Australia)

“This short, directed by Sally McLean, gives an old speech a thoroughly fresh and modern take.” – RJ Evams, (UK)

“By far one of the best interpretations of the sonnet I have seen in a long time.” – David Hovan, COO Brightlight Pictures (Canada)

“Brava, Sally McLean!!! Bravo, ShakesRepublic!!! These pieces made me remember why I enjoyed studying the Bard!!! Well done!” – Jeanne (USA)

“Not only real, but current and alive. Old W.S. would appreciate the social media use. Gr8 way to experience W.S. More of this please.” – Kurt Ovard (USA)

“Its a shame this wasn’t around when when i had to study shakespeare in school” – Dannie Plant

“I have to say the complete team of Shakespeare Republic made a great job. I learned to have a different look on Shakespeare in the last weeks!” – Berit (Germany)

“Brava!!! Wonderful job!!! I was one of those kids who actually liked studying Shakespeare. So nice to revisit him in such a clever way!!” – Jeanne K. (UK)

“Well played.  It was spoken truly, and trippingly on the tongue.  Thank you, that was fun!” – Sam Wills (Australia)

“Loving what’s going on with gender diversity in recent eps of Shakespeare Republic Check it out!” – Kathleen Neal (Australia)

“Another great episode! It is sad that this season ended. Fingers crossed for another one!” – The Michala Banas Fan Page (Germany)

“Thanks, again, for sharing your creativity!!! Looking forward to next season!!! From one of your loyal fans!!!” – ScienceGal66 (UK)