The theatres may all be closed and film & TV production may all be essentially shut down, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still create!

As in Shakespeare’s time, one of the casualties of this current global situation is our entertainment industries. Which means that our work here at the Republic has also halted, putting our new mini series Dark Arcadia and Season Three of Shakespeare Republic on hold.


We artists are nothing if not inventive, and so, we proudly present a new stand-alone season in response to this global pandemic …



We are inviting actors from around the globe to submit a 1-2 minute Shakespeare monologue as a self-test (filmed on their phones at home), along with their headshot and CV, to be considered for inclusion in this once-off stand alone season of the series. Our panel of Shakespeare Republic team members will then begin selecting actors for each round of rehearsals and filming of pre-selected pieces – directed by Republic Creator/Director, Sally McLean – all done remotely via the Internet.

As each episode is completed, it will be uploaded onto the Incognita Enterprises YouTube channel and showcased on the series’ special website, available for free for the world to see.

Interested in taking part? Check out all the information below and submit!

We hope you are all safe and well and look forward to working with you in this brave new world!

Shakespeare Republic … All the web’s a stage …



Once you’ve sent in your monologue self-tape link, and your headshot and CV via the form below, your details and link to your self tape will be added to our casting spreadsheet and your CV and headshot added to our files.

We will be casting in rounds of 5 actors every 8 days, with the first 5 episodes being released from Thursday, April 23rd – which is both Shakespeare’s birthday (and death day), and also Shakespeare Republic‘s 5th Anniversary!

Actors will be expected to be available for rehearsals prior to recording their episodes  (which will be conducted via Zoom), which will amount to two sessions of 1-2 hours each.

When you are cast in the series, you will receive an email outlining all the technical requirements with easy to follow guides. It’s really very simple, don’t worry!


The first deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 16, 2020 

There will be two more deadlines after that, if required, depending on the response to this first call out. The deadline has been extended due to some site issues that meant people weren’t able to use the form properly – which should all be sorted now


No. All monologues will be pre-recorded and then sent over to us to add titles and credits before being uploaded onto the Incognita Enterprises YouTube channel.


For those who want a head start on what apps/software you’ll require, here’s a quick list:

A Zoom account for rehearsals (it’s free) –

A Vimeo account to upload your self-tape (also free) – or a YouTube account – (also free) –


Great! Check out our FAQ below and if you still don’t have your answer, then email us at


You can choose any monologue from Shakespeare’s plays, as long as it is no longer than 1-2 minutes. Please be off book, as you’ll be asked to learn the monologue you will be assigned for the series – so it’s good practice!

Please film your monologue on your smartphone. Please record it in landscape orientation (sideways) and on a tripod (or a sturdy surface – please don’t hold the phone while performing). Try to have a plain background behind you (as you would for a normal self-tape). If you have a full camera set up for self-tapes, feel free to use that instead, but a smartphone will do!

Once you have filmed your monologue, please upload it to (choose the free service) and choose the “Password Protected” option in the Privacy dropdown menu for the Privacy status of your video. Choose a password for the video and include both the link and the password in the form below.


Please upload to (again, a free service) and choose the “Unlisted” option in the Privacy dropdown menu for the Privacy status of your video. This will “hide” your self-test on YouTube. Include the link for your video in the form below.

Please only send one monologue – we won’t have time to watch more than one monologue per actor.

Please attach your headshot and CV to the form below. Alternatively, you can include a link on the form to both if they’re on Showcast, Spotlight, Casting Networks or your acting website. If you’re having trouble with the form, just email them to us at shakespearerepublic(at) 🙂

We will be using Zoom to rehearse for filming – a rehearsal room link will be sent to each actor when they are cast. It is free for all the actors to use (just sign up for a free account when you’re cast – instructions will be included in the casting email).

It will all depend how long this pandemic lasts! But we are expecting to release up to 30 episodes in this special season, more if it goes for a while! At this stage we will be rehearsing 6 actors a week (as there’s only one of Sally, unfortunately!)

Of course! We encourage a wide sharing of the official uploads on the Incognita Enterprises YouTube channel to showcase your work! We will be asking you to sign a release form to let us broadcast the episode on our YouTube channel (which all our previous cast members have also signed for our previous seasons). Included in that release form is the legal agreement that you won’t upload the monologue in full anywhere else. However segments of the monologues can be used in showreels as you wish.

We’ve all seen the meme going around reminding us that Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine during one of the many bouts of plague which ravaged London. Truth be told, he was in lockdown due to plague many times during his career and wrote his two epic poems; Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece and his plays Measure For Measure as well as the aforementioned King Lear during times of plague when the whole city of London and it’s surrounds were in quarantine to try and stem the death toll.


Uploaded your self test to Set it to “Password Protected” and made note of the password you chose? Or uploaded it to YouTube and set the video to “Unlisted” and made note of the video link? Got your headshot and CV ready? Great! Send us your stuff on the form link below …

Please note, this is a Google Form and you will need to be signed into your Google account to fill it out. Thank you!

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